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Row of boats in storage for the winter under the awning. Warehouse on the boat pier. Concept preparation for winter.

Airport Rent-A-Space is the largest secure storage facility in Lewiston, Idaho. If you have large items to store, our facilities are the right solution. Whether you're stowing away a vehicle, recreational item or oversized commercial equipment, our outdoor storage can help.


When you think of self-storage, you probably think indoor units. Yes — we, definitely have those. But what about autos, large equipment, and other big items that you need to store? We have the answer to your dilemma with our outdoor storage and parking areas. Popular items stored in our outdoor storage are:

  • Motorcycle, car, truck, motor vehicle
  • Camper and RV
  • Boat, Jet ski, and Recreational Equipment
  • Oversized Equipment

With varying sizes, our storage units and spaces are designed to meet a wide range of needs. We work to accommodate special size requirements when possible.

We are proud of our gated security and 9:00 pm nightly lock-up. And we know you'll appreciate the extra layer of safety for your property. Come tour one of our convenient locations to see what sets us apart from the rest. Choose Airport Rent-A-Space for your outdoor storage needs.

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  • Boat Storage

  • Camper / RV Storage

  • Car Storage

  • Self Storage

  • Outdoor Storage

  • Short Term Storage

  • Long Term Storage

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